Sculpt Your Ripped Fighter Body in 90 Days Even if You Lack Motivation & Eat Like Sh*t.

The Fighter Bodies System Has Helped Every One of Our Clients Shed 15 LBS+ of Fat (some over 50lbs) in 12-16 Weeks.

You know that feeling you get when you’re working out, running, eating right, sleeping right, and making disciplined decisions? It’s euphoric right? Why would we ever do anything else?

It’s because you:

  • overcomplicate it

  • try to do it alone

  • don’t actually understand your why

Fighters (UFC etc.) don’t have a choice. If they don’t make weight, they can’t fight in the arena. So, they get it done regardless of how uncomfortable it is so they can keep fighting.

Their physique is a byproduct of their discipline.

Fighter Bodies is the only fitness program with active MMA fighters as your coach, who are also certified in personal training and nutrition – so you can build your fighter body (without actually getting in the ring).

We’ve extracted the most effective strategies from fight camp and distilled them down into a simple 12 week formula that anyone can follow to cut weight, build muscle, and sculpt their dream body fast and forever.

Tough love: Your bad habits don't just go away and your fat isn't going to fall off when you're ready. It takes unwavering focus paired with the right team in your corner to make a life-changing shift (one that's more than worth it).

Done long enough, it becomes your new norm.

Imagine waking up in 12 weeks mentally and physically stronger, 20-50lbs lighter, and ready to fully enjoy your new fighter body.

If you know, you know...

If you’re a fight fan (MMA, Boxing, UFC, etc.), then you know what a fighter body is. It’s lean, in shape, shredded, and ready to go. The fighter's physique has stood the test of time. It's the strongest, most aesthetically pleasing, and most athletic.

This physique has mostly only been attainable by professional fighters who have a team in their corner helping them prepare for a fight.

We want to help you build your Fighter Body...but it's not for everyone.

You're Stuck in Sludge-mode

The inner fighter has retreated and you've settled for mediocre. Your diet is crap, your fitness is inconsistent, and you no longer like the stomach staring back at you in the mirror after an unearned shower.

The current state of your body is a direct result of your past decisions. It displays exactly how you've chosen to live your life up to this point.

If you're still reading, you likely aren't stoked about how your body has changed over the past few years.

It happens! It happened to all of us at Fighter bodies at one time or another. But it's not to be taken lightly.

You only get one body. Do you want to achieve the physique of a fighter? Or do you want to remain 6 pack-less forever?

Are you okay with a dad bod? Are you okay with being skinny fat. Or do you want the body of someone who knows why they're here and what they came to do?

Welcome to Fighter Bodies

Fighter Secrets to Building an MMA Physique. This comprehensive program is designed for the "average" fight fan who wants to build a fight-ready body within 12 weeks, even if you're busy or have an extra 20, 30, or even 50+ lbs to lose.

You'll learn exactly how to achieve the ripped, toned, and powerful body of a fighter. We'll teach you the secrets that fighters use to get in shape quickly, without the inconsistency you've experienced in the past.

You'll discover how to lift like a fighter, eat like a fighter, think like a fighter, and live like a fighter. Looking in the mirror will give you confidence, not shame.

Why it works

Extreme Results Protocol

We've created a simple and repeatable system that has helped every one of our clients shed 15 lbs+ of fat (some over 50lbs) in 12-16 weeks.

Simply sign up, meet with your coach, and trust the process.

How It Works

Experience what's it like to go through fight camp without ever getting in the ring. Release the fighter within you, drop the weight, and build the physique you've always wanted.

1 on 1 Dedicated Coach

Extreme Accountability

Fighter Mindset


Nutrition Plan


Fitness Plan

If it’s a good fit, we’ll set you up with your personal coach. You’ll fill out your onboarding questionnaire and schedule your kick off call.

From there, your coach will guide you through your customized fitness and nutrition plan until you’ve made weight and are “fight” ready.

Inside fighter bodies, you’ll be given a custom:

  • Fight date

  • Fight weight

  • Opponent (fictional)

  • Custom Nutrition plan

  • Custom Fitness plan

Why Build Your Fighter Body?

  • Jump at the opportunity to take off your shirt

  • Conquer bad habits and fortify your mindset

  • Build self-discipline and commitment

  • Be a part of a powerful community

  • Create an eye-catching physique

  • Increase energy and productivity

  • Lead by example and watch those around you take interest

  • Walk in rooms with your chest out and your head held high

  • Do in 12 weeks what others try to do in 6-12 months

  • Stop yo-yo dieting and build strong nutritional habits

  • Stoke your inner fire and wake up your metabolism

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Move through life with a clear sense of purpose

  • Drastically reduce or eliminate health issues

  • Gain control in all areas of your life

  • Experience the thrill of victory

  • Kill your inner-bitch

We all have an “opponent” we must defeat if we want to live like a winner. Whether it’s your inner “b*tch” keeping you comfortable, your career goals, stagnation, or your addiction to food, porn, or alcohol.

The problems in your life won’t be solved with the same state of mind that created them. Instead, you’ll need to wake up your system through action. Not through planning, thinking, or talking about it, but doing it.

Stop trying to do it alone.

Total LBS Destroyed: -742.3 lbs

Miles "The Sovereign" went from skinny fat, inconsistent, over-eating/drinking, poor habits to excited to take off his shirt.

Amir “The Altruist” went from glutenous, not knowing what to do at the gym, not knowing what to eat, to the sexiest b**ch in the room.

Pedro went from sludge mode (lazy, untapped potential, low energy, low stamina) to being the strongest, leanest dad in the neighborhood.

'Cool Hand Luke' went from out of shape, overweight, unhealthy, undisciplined to having a fighters mindset and happier moods.

Maria “PR Honu” went sleep deprived, swollen, tired, to loving her body again, fully energized and ready to lead her family as a single mom.

Juanito Heat went from trying to do it alone, overeating, undisciplined, lack of confidence, to fitting in his clothes and feeling good in his body and mind.

"Dynamite Dave" went from inconsistent, out of shape, and mentally floating, to physically and mentally ripped!

Ernesto went from not knowing what to eat and not seeing results in the gym, to having a sustainable plan around staying in shape.

"Tate The Tank" went from complacent, unhealthy downward cycle, to 53lbs lighter, mobile, flexible, active, and motivated.

Louis "The Sniper," a trainer & martial artist, went from an inconsistent diet and unclear mission, to shredded & locked in for the long hall.

Ben "The Feinest Man" Feinman went from terrible work/life balance and overweight, to confidently shirtless and stoked about it.

Tyler "The Titan" Perez went from his heaviest weight he's ever been and some body image issues, to dialed in and 39 LBS lighter.

"Tia” Maria went from the vicious cycle of bad eating and unhealthy, to strong, disciplined, 42lbs lighter, and finding her inner warrior again.

Mike Ignacio went from low confidence, fatigued, and a lack of support, to a sustainable new skillset to lose weight and gain strength.

Andrew "The Phoenix" Mieure went from skinny, inconsistent, and struggling to put on size, to confident taking his shirt of at the pool.


Some Tough Love...

Look...if you don't do something now, you're going to wake up in 10 years and hate the body you're stuck inside of.

Your bad habits don't just go away. Your fat isn't going to fall off when you're ready. Inconsistencies don't magically go away. It takes unwavering focus paired with the right team in your corner to make a life-changing shift.

You need to take serious action. No more fu*king around. This is your permission to get started. Find your reason to #keepfighting

Fitness For Fight Fans

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Sculpt Your Ripped Fighter Body Without Getting Punched In The Face